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BIOMOD 2015 schedule

October 14, 2015

Here is the current presentation schedule for BIOMOD 2015: PDF

BIOMOD Slack Channel

July 17, 2015

We have created a Slack server for BIOMOD. Everyone is welcome to join, introduce themselves, ask questions, etc. Check it out by clicking the button below, and requesting an invite:

Once you sign up, you can read this Getting Started Guide.

Slack can be used in the browser, or you can download the desktop and mobile clients.

BIOMOD 2015 Wait List Team Registration

May 22, 2015

To teams that are on the wait list: please use this form to register for BIOMOD 2015. We apologize for the delay in reopening registration, but we had to make sure that sufficient space would be available to accommodate everyone.

Wait list registration ends June 5th, 2015.

BIOMOD 2015 Wait List is CLOSED

April 30, 2015

Thank you to all teams who registered, and those who joined the wait list. We had 25 teams sign up over 2 weeks before the registration deadline, and another 16 teams join the wait list: 41 teams total!

All registration and wait list forms are now closed. We have created a brief survey to determine preferences for teams on the wait list.

The survey URL is

The deadline to respond to this survey is Friday May 8th.

BIOMOD 2015 Wait list

April 16, 2015

Dear BIOMOD community: we have received an overwhelming response this year, and just reached the physical space limit in the auditorium over 2 weeks before our registration deadline.

We understand that many teams have been planning to register between now and the April 30th deadline. Unfortunately we cannot promise a spot at this time, but now must direct all unregistered teams to the wait list form. We will work to confirm payments and team sizes of those that already requested to register, and then try to open up additional spots. If we can open up additional spots, we will require payment only by credit card.

Please keep in mind that somtimes the growth of a community temporarily outpaces the logistical resources of early organizers. For example, this year the Cryo-EM Gordon Research Conference faced the largest oversubscription in its history, with nearly 300 attempting to register for 178 spots over 3 months before its deadline.

Thanks for your understanding and patience while we try to sort through possible options. If you have any concerns, questions, suggestions, or offers to help out, please email me at

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