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Schedule and QuickGuide posted

October 26, 2016

The QuickGuide and Schedule are now posted on the Jamboree page!

Post your project website & video!

October 21, 2016

Make sure that your project website & video is in place by the deadline! The instructions are very simple: the final version of your team project website should be online and accessible. The website should embed or clearly link to the video so the judges can find it.

You do not need to submit anything via a form. Just have your primary contact visit your team’s profile page at and make sure that the “Project Website URL” is correct.

If you used GitLab hosting, the URL was automatically populated for you several months ago, and the format will be something like[teamurl]/. If your team set up a website elsewhere, you can specify a different URL.

We will review all URLs and contact your team if there is any problem loading your website before the judging period opens.

Good luck!

Submit your title & abstract!

September 19, 2016

Project title and abstract is due September 25, which is also the deadline to register for the Jamboree.

Use this form to submit your title and abstract!

Mid-summer announcements

July 25, 2016

Greetings BIOMODders! Hopefully your projects are taking shape and will continue to build momentum in the next 3 months before we meet in San Francisco! Some brief announcements:

Individual Registration, Visa Letters, Hotels

  • All primary contacts have been sent invitation emails to register an individual account on the BIOMOD 2016 website.
  • Primary contacts should now invite all other team members using the “invite team members” link from their profile page:

  • Once registered, you can view your profile and team page, generate a visa invitation letter if needed, register for the Jamboree (deadline September 25), and find the link to book your hotel room using the BIOMOD group rate.

Team Websites

  • Team websites have been created on GitLab, and information for gaining admin access to edit them has been sent to primary contacts.
  • Once you have claimed your team website and linked it with a GitLab account, the owner of that account can add more team members directly from the project page by clicking the settings “gear” button in the top-right corner and visiting the “Members” link.

Additional notes

  • If you are primary contact of your team and did not receive any of the above information, please contact us immediately.
  • If you are NOT primary contact on your team, and you have not yet heard anything about registering an individual account, or the setting up your team website, please check with your primary contact.
  • Students may serve as primary contacts (in fact, it is often more efficient). If you wish to change the primary contact for the team, that is fine — just let us know via the contact form.

Wait List Closed

July 20, 2016

We have reached our registration limit of 30 teams! The wait list for 2016 is now open here.

If additional slots open up due to cancellations, we may invite wait-listed teams to register in the order in which they joined. Teams on the wait list may also have the option to register early for BIOMOD 2017.

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