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Website instructions

31 Jul 2017

Last year, we asked all teams to register a GitLab Pages site. This year we are simplifying the website requirements. Teams are welcome to use GitLab, GitHub Pages, or any other hosting service they wish.

All current information is available in the BIOMOD Handbook, which is free for all BIOMOD participants. The website instructions can be found in Chapter 1, and are reproduced below.

Once your site is set up, please remember to enter the URL on your team profile page on the BIOMOD 2017 portal site so judges can find it.

How to Setup A Website

There are many ways including GitLab Pages, GitHub Pages, OpenWetWare, Weebly, or Wordpress.

GitLab Pages is currently the preferred option for hosting BIOMOD websites. It allows the greatest flexibility in that any major static-site generator can be used. On the other hand, it may requiring learning some skills with HTML and git-based version control.

GitHub Pages was introduced as a website option for BIOMOD in 2014. Like GitLab, it supports simultaneous editing and allows you to easily restore previous versions because it retains the edit history. GitHub Desktop can be used to highlight changes to your files, so that it is convenient for simultaneous editing.

Early BIOMOD teams used OpenWetWare, which is a MediaWiki site. This is why many documents refer to the “Project Wiki”, which is now called the Project Website. OpenWetWare can be operated intuitively, and has been employed since the first competition so that it has a lot of scripts and other merits. It is also highly compatible with image and video files. However, it does not support simultaneous editing of a single page, which means you will have to work in a place where you can talk with other editors just before the deadline, for the sake of efficiency.

Weebly, and Wordpress are allowed. These are likely the most user-friendly options if your team does not have a technical lead, but they can be inconvenient to archive for viewing by future generations of BIOMOD students.

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