What is it?

The BIOMOD Jamboree is an annual conference at which all BIOMOD teams will convene to present their team projects. The 2023 Jamboree is scheduled to take place in West Bldg. 9 Hall at Tokyo Tech, Japan in November 4, 2023.

Judging and Awards

Teams will be judged according to criteria posted here.

Important Dates

  • August 15 2023: Jamboree Registration Opens
  • September 1 2023: Teams outside Japan should apply for visas by September 1, 2023. Please contact Steering Committee (info@biomod.jp) for invitation letters.
  • September 15: Registration deadline to attend the Jamboree
  • September 15 2023: Each team must submit a project title and abstract (150 words max)
  • October 28 2023: Team wiki freeze and video upload deadline. 11:59PM GMT+9 (JST)
  • November 4: Jamboree Begins (8:00)
  • November 5: Jamboree Ends (around 12:00)


Download the BIOMOD 2023 QuickGuide (PDF).

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