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Registration Wait List

April 04, 2016

We have reached our registration limit of 30 teams! The wait list for 2016 is now open here.

If additional slots open up due to cancellations, we may invite wait-listed teams to register in the order in which they joined. Teams on the wait list may also have the option to register early for BIOMOD 2017.

Team Registration Opens Feb 15

February 09, 2016

Hello BIOMODders! It’s time to kick off the 6th year of our nano-sized design competition.

Registration & Fees

Watch the timer on the BIOMOD front page…this registration link will go live at the end of the countdown. A fee of $250 USD is due at the time of team registration, payable by credit card or wire transfer. This year’s individual Jamboree registration fee will be $180 USD per person, due in late September along with your project title and abstract. Registrations are only considered complete when payment is received and a confirmation email is sent.

Available Team Slots and Wait List

The BIOMOD Jamboree is a special event, and we want all participants to be able to present in the same room, and have a chance to interact (more interaction time is our #1 feedback request). This intimate format necessarily constrains our event size and duration. Therefore, we are limiting registration to a maximum of 30 teams this year. We will post regular updates on the BIOMOD website and social media accounts so everyone can track how many slots are left. If we reach the maximum number of teams before April 30th, we will close registration early, and open a wait list. Teams on the wait list may have the option to register early for BIOMOD 2017.


The Jamboree will take place October 28–30 in San Francisco, California and be hosted at the UCSF Mission Bay campus. We can offer discounted hotel rates to registered teams…more details to come.

New Category Award: Best Use of Game Engine

This year we will be exploring project & presentation formats that begin to anticipate next-generation computing hardware (e.g. virtual and/or augmented reality headsets). Practically speaking, this means that we will introduce a category award to encourage teams to utilize a 3D game engine, such as Unity or Unreal in their projects, however they wish. Last year’s Grand Prize winning Team Sendai already did this for simulation purposes, but we think this innovative use case only scratches the surface of what is possible.

Final Standings for BIOMOD 2015

November 01, 2015

Congratulations to Team Sendai from Tohoku University for earning the 2015 Grand Prize! Visit our winners page to see all final standings.

Jamboree QuickGuide & Schedule

October 28, 2015

The 2015 BIOMOD Jamboree is this weekend! Check out the Jamboree page for the QuickGuide and 2015 Schedule.

Update on presentation length

October 18, 2015

In order to accommodate all of the presentations this year, teams should prepare a 10-minute talk. The Requirements page has been updated to reflect this change. Previously the presentation time allotment was 12 minutes.

Note that the TOTAL time alloted to each team is is 15 minutes. This includes laptop setup (1 min), present slides (10 min), audience questions (~3 min), and exiting the stage + buffer time (1 min).

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