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Post your project website & video!

21 Oct 2016

Make sure that your project website & video is in place by the deadline! The instructions are very simple: the final version of your team project website should be online and accessible. The website should embed or clearly link to the video so the judges can find it.

You do not need to submit anything via a form. Just have your primary contact visit your team’s profile page at 2016.biomod.net and make sure that the “Project Website URL” is correct.

If you used GitLab hosting, the URL was automatically populated for you several months ago, and the format will be something like http://biomod2016.gitlab.io/[teamurl]/. If your team set up a website elsewhere, you can specify a different URL.

We will review all URLs and contact your team if there is any problem loading your website before the judging period opens.

Good luck!

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