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Our aim is to maintain an open and fair process for evaluating each team’s performance. Teams will be scored by judges using a point system. The judging process will have two stages: online content (worth up to 75 points) and live presentation (worth up to 25 points).

Judge selection

  • Judges will be selected from a pool of BIOMOD faculty mentors and outside experts.
  • Mentors will not evaluate their own team.
  • Judges’ names will be disclosed.

Online content scoring

  • Maximum combined score for online content is 75 points (= 50 points for wiki + 25 points for internet video)
  • Scores will be determined by a range-voting system
  • Five (5) judges will be randomly assigned to each team
  • Judges will evaluate each project according to a rubric (see below) and assign a point value in each category.
  • Highest and lowest judges’ total scores are excluded to remove outliers.
  • Three remaining judges’ scores will each weighted by 1/3 and combined to determine the total scores for each category.

Live presentation scoring

  • All judges present at the Jamboree will be asked to rate all presentations.
  • Highest and lowest judges’ total scores are excluded to remove outliers.
  • The remaining n judges’ scores will be weighted by 1/n and combined to determine the total scores for the presentation.


• YouTube video (25 points)

  • Overall impact: Was the video interesting? Did you want to watch more than once? (10 points)
  • Clarity: Was the project described in a simple and clear manner that could be easily understood by a wide audience? (10 points)
  • Production: Was the sound and video high quality? Were the images focused and scaled properly? (5 points)

• Project Website (50 points)

Project Idea (20 points)

  • Relevance: Has the team made a strong case that their project idea is scientifically and/or technologically interesting? (5 points)

  • Specification: Are the project goals well-defined? (i.e. Does the team explicitly state what criteria need to be met in order to consider the project a success?) (5 points)

  • Feasibility: Was the proposed solution feasible? (i.e. Was it reasonable to expect that the solution could be implemented by a BIOMOD team in one summer?) (5 points)

  • Merit: Is the proposed solution a good one? Is it particularly elegant or innovative? (5 points)

Project Documentation (20 points)

  • Clarity: Is the project description well-written and easy to understand? Does it include the background and motivation of the project, methods, results, and discussion? Are the figures easy to understand? (10 points)
  • Transparency: Are all of the raw experimental data and source files easily accessible? Would it be straightforward to attempt to reproduce the team’s results? (5 points)
  • Layout: Is the team’s project page arranged in a clear and logical fashion? (5 points)

Project Execution (10 points)

  • Execution: Did the team accomplish what they set out to do? (10 points)

• Presentation (25 points)

  • Content: Were the slides clear and easy to understand? Did the project narrative have a logical flow, with clearly stated goals and results? (10 points)
  • Delivery: Did the speaker(s) give a well-rehearsed, well-paced presentation? Did the speaker(s) engage with the audience and maintain good eye contact? (10 points)
  • Impact: Was the presentation interesting? fun? clever? memorable? (5 points)


Top Prizes

  • Grand prize = 1st highest total combined points from wiki + video + presentation
  • 1st runner up = 2nd highest total combined points from wiki + video + presentation
  • 2nd runner up = 3rd highest total combined points from wiki + video + presentation

Category awards

  • Best Project Website = 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • Best YouTube Video = 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • Best Presentation = 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place
  • Audience favorite = 1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place


Project awards

  • Bronze: Team satisfied all minimum requirements for judging (i.e. Submitted a complete Project wiki and uploaded a YouTube video)
  • Silver: Satisfied criteria for Bronze, plus at least one device (part of the system) in the team’s design is worked as expected.
  • Gold: Satisfied criteria for Silver, and overall point score from Wiki + YouTube + Jamboree presentation are in top 50% of all teams.


Special awards

  • Best Use Of Unity3D.
  • The Sixth Annual Molecular Robotics Award (by MOLBOT, Japan)
  • Best Team T-shirt Award



  • After the jamboree, teams will receive individual score reports so they can learn how they fared in each category.

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