This page outlines the requirements for team structure and project deliverables.

Registration fees

  • Team: Team registration is $275. This is due before April 30th in order to reserve a team presentation slot at the Jamboree. Wire transfers will be $25 extra to cover bank fees.
  • Individual: The nonrefundable Jamboree registration fee is $200 per person (not including hotel lodging), due September 20th. Wire transfers will be $25 extra to cover bank fees.
  • Where does my fee go? Registration fees cover program expenses including renting the venue, A/V, catering, photographer, t-shirts, award certificates, transportation, and website development.

Team structure

  • Mentoring: Each team must have at least one faculty advisor. We also recommend having at least one graduate student or postdoc mentor available to work closely with students during the summer.
  • Size: Teams should have a maximum of 8 undergraduate students per team. We request that you only register one team per institution.
  • Scope: Project planning is entirely up to the team. Given time constraints for presenting the work, we recommend that each team focus on a single project.
  • Composition: Teams should consist primarily of undergraduate students (studying towards a bachelor’s degree, or graduating this year) at an accredited college or university. High school students are welcome to join a university-led team. Graduate students and postdocs should serve as mentors.

Project Timeline

This is a rough suggestion for how a BIOMOD team might organize their project. Please also note the important deadlines on this page.

  • January–March: Team organizers should recruit team members: post flyers and email announcements, interview interested students, and send notifications early while everyone is still finalizing their summer plans.
  • April–May: Register your team. Students should begin independent background reading to start learning about topics that may interest them. Organize brainstorming meetings to determine project topic.
  • June–August: Do the project! Also, start planning the YouTube video as early as possible. Book travel arrangements and apply for Visas if necessary
  • September–October: Complete project wiki, video, and presentation. Register for Jamboree.

Project Deliverables

Each team should produce the following before the posted judging deadlines.

  • Project Website documenting the project goals, data, and results
  • YouTube video summarizing the project (3 minutes max)
  • Presentation at the Jamboree (10 minutes)

Intellectual Property

BIOMOD is meant to foster the open exchange of ideas. Teams are welcome to apply for provisional patent protection on any intellectual property (IP) generated during their project, but teams should ensure that any IP protection is in place before the beginning of the judging process, and be ready to disclose any technical details related to their project at the jamboree.

Code of Conduct

The BIOMOD mission is to promote science and science education. This pursuit requires a shared commitment to the core values of BIOMOD as well as a commitment to ethical conduct in all BIOMOD-related activities. We expect all participants to conduct themselves ethically, honestly and with integrity in all dealings. BIOMOD participants should treat each other with respect and dignity. BIOMOD prohibits discrimination and harassment and provides equal opportunities for all community members regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, ancestry, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or citizenship. BIOMOD participants engaged in research are not to: fabricate data or results; change or knowingly omit data or results to misrepresent results in the research record; or intentionally misappropriate the ideas, writings, research, or findings of others.

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