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Travel Awards

March 31, 2011

Great news! We will have (very) limited funds available to assist with housing and/or travel expenses. More information will be available the registration deadline approaches and we get a better idea of how many people will attend, so stay tuned.

Registration deadline pushed back to April 15th

March 08, 2011

The BIOMOD registration deadline has been moved to April 15th. However, if your team is ready before then, feel free to submit your registration request sooner.

BIOMOD Registration open NOW through April 15th

February 01, 2011

Visit our How to join page for instructions for how to sign up!

Registration opens Feb 1st

January 28, 2011

BIOMOD registration will run from February 1st to April 15th. Details for how to register your team will be posted on the how-to-join page.

Subscribe to our Twitter feed

January 28, 2011

We encourage everyone to subscribe to our Twitter feed, where we constantly post links relevant research articles in the field. Keeping up to date on novel work in the field can provide a good starting point for brainstorming about project ideas for this summer.

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