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YouTube Videos posted!

November 03, 2011

We’ve embedded all the videos here for easy viewing.

Instructions for video upload

November 02, 2011

Once you have uploaded your YouTube video, please embed (instructions) it on the front page of your team wiki (or link to it prominently if necessary).

Judges will be provided with your team wiki url, and they will expect to find the YouTube video in the same place.

Wiki freeze and Youtube upload deadline is Nov 2nd at 23:59 GMT–7

October 28, 2011

For those asking for more precision in the upcoming deadline: it is the last minute of November 2nd GMT–7 (Pacific time). Judges will begin evaluating the online content on Nov 3rd.

Tentative schedule for the jamboree posted

October 24, 2011

See the jamboree page for details!

Clarification on video time limit

October 09, 2011

The suggested 2-minute duration for the YouTube video submission is a ‘soft’ limit, i.e. you will not necessarily be penalized by the judges if your video is longer. Just keep in mind what factors are scored: overall impact, clarity, and production quality.

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