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BIOMOD 2015 Registration is OPEN

01 Feb 2015

Hello BIOMODders!

Ready to sign up? Visit our registration form to register between now and April 30th, 2015. Please make sure you have read our how to join and requirements pages.

This year we are continuing our policy of collecting a TEAM registration fee ($250 USD)

In addition, when it comes time to register for the Jamboree, we will be collecting an INDIVIDUAL registration fee ($ amount TBA). We are in the process of negotiating the best possible rates for all of the expenses to run BIOMOD (venue, A/V, catering, etc), and attempting to raise sponsorship funds. The per-person individual fee will be set as low as possible to break even on the event - rest assured that we are not making any money, just covering expenses. Please plan for roughly $200 per person, plus lodging expenses.

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